Harry Ruhé | ART, NO-ART and ANTI-ART

a treasure trove of ‘relicts’ and also some ‘normal’ art collected over the last fifty years by Harry Ruhé:

Burnt lingerie – Exploding Mystery Food – Books cast in cement – Plastic boxes containing God (‘God is everywhere’) – A dildo decorated with artificial pearls and satin ribbon – Material able to cut the energy supply in police stations – Photographs of taboo breaking performances – Letters with Special Stories – Printed matter of the Institute for Direct Art set up by Günter Brus and Otto Muehl – Flyers of the NO!art Movement, political initiative of Boris Lurie, Sam Goodman and Stanley Fisher – Posters by Ben Vautier: ground breaking Art Total (Everything is Art!) – Manifestoes by Gustav Metzger about Auto-destructive Art; destruction as part of the creative process – Calls for Anti-Art demonstrations by Henry Flynt: DOWN WITH ART!

All of this and a lot more can be found within the pages of a new book: Art, No-Art and Anti-Art
Author: Harry Ruhé
Galerie A Editions, Amsterdam 2019
160 pages, 428 illustrations

Price: € 29,50