Galerie A (founded by Harry Ruhé in 1976) is specialized in multiples, artists’ books and photography from 1960 up to now.

Gallery exhibitions were organized with Günter Brus, Ulises Carrión, Hans Eijkelboom, Peter Engels, Jochen Gerz, George Maciunas (Fluxus), Yoko Ono, Reiner Ruthenbeck, and many others.

As a guest curator exhibitions were organized for the Living Art Museum (Reykjavik), Le Bureau des Compétences (Marseille), the Centraal Museum (Utrecht), The Biennale of Prague, and many others.

Editions were produced with (among others) Peter Downsbrough, Peter Hutchinson, Willem de Ridder, Andrej Roiter and Rob Scholte.


The Netherlands

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e-mail: h.ruhe9@upcmail.nl


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Galerie A also produced editions and publications. Editions were produced with and/or about Peter Downsbrough, Peter Hutchinson, Willem de Ridder, Andrej Roiter, Rob Scholte and Paul Sharits.

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Books by Harry Ruhé include:

* FLUXUS, the most radical and experimental art movement of the Sixties (1979)
* MULTIPLES, et cetera (1991)
* The Best of Wim T. Schippers (1997)
* 25 Fluxus Stories (1999)
* Stanley Brouwn, a chronology (2001)
* George Brecht, The Editions (2005)
* Lucio Fontana, graphics… (with Camillo Rigo, 2006)
* Hidden Delights, Lingerie in the Arts (with Jeannette Dekeukeleire, 2009)
* Fluxus in Holland, the Sixties (with Jeannette Dekeukeleire, 2009)
* Punk in Holland (with Jeannette Dekeukeleire, 2011)
* Shame & Scandal, the Taboo in the Arts (with Jeannette Dekeukeleire, 2012)
* The Adventures of Willem de Ridder (with Jeannette Dekeukeleire, 2017)
* Art, No-Art and Anti-Art (2019)