Endre Tót & Pierre Restany

Endre Tót & Pierre Restany In 1978, Hungarian artist Endre Tót came up with a Mail-Art project for Galerie A. He made a list with NULLIFIED QUESTIONS of which a hundred copies were...
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Jos Vulto’s artistic career took off with smoking fish and meat. Soon after other products followed suit, like smoked milk crates. He used these to make imprints on linen. Once, Vulto even worked...
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Nam June Paik

Many Fluxus composers ‘wrote’ pieces for the violin. Since 1962, once of these has often been performed successfully, namely: Solo for violin viola cello or contrabass, by George Brecht. The musical score consists...
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Wim T. Schippers

In 1965, a special presentation of glass objects took place in Bergeijk (a town south of Eindhoven) with the motto: ‘Play of Glass and Light’. From the 4th of July until the 5th...
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Endre Tót

Endre Tót The Hungarian artist Endre Tót was one of the most interesting Mail Art-artists of the 1970s. He used to send letters all over the world from Budapest, and jokingly applied self-censorship;...
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Henri Chopin

Henri Chopin (1922-2008) Chopin’s experiments in the field of sound poetry were ground-breaking. He was also an amazing performer. From 1958 onwards, he published a magazine completely devoted to new forms of poetry....
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