Pieter Engels

EAT YOUR ART OUT is the name of a group show I organised with Jeannette Dekeukeleire in May 2010. The subject of our contribution to the ‘Art Amsterdam’ fair was food in the arts and the accompanying catalogue consisted of a box with artists’ recipes.
The programme featured several performances. Pieter Engels proposed to eat a ‘banknote sandwich’ in the stand. It turned out that finding an edible looking euro banknote was not easy, but with an iron we eventually managed to produce one. The artist agreed on the condition that he could have something to drink with it.
On the 26th of May our stand, which we called ‘Chez Harry & Jeannette’, received his reservation. Engels ordered a five-euro-sandwich and chose a Mâcon-Villages (2009) to go with it. He paid with a few slices of ham. (‘Keep the change’.)


Photo: Pieter Engels, 26th of May, 2010.