Mieko Shiomi

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Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi (born 1938) – shown on this photograph together with editor and collector Francesco Conz – is a Japanese artist and composer.

About: Mieko Shiomi (1930)

Mieko Shiomi (she changed her name Chieko to Mieko in the early ’70s) first learned about Fluxus through a magazine article by Nam June Paik in the early ’60s. She felt there was a resemblance between Fluxus and her own work. With Takehisa Kosugi she had formed the experimental music group Ongaku, and many of her compositions had an ‘event-like’ nature.

She decided to send some of her ‘event pieces’, and one of her objects; an Endless Box, to Fluxus foreman George Maciunas. He immediately ordered several of the hand-made boxes and invited her over to New York, to join the Fluxus movement.

In January 1976 Shiomi was represented in the first Galerie A show with some of her ‘Spatial Poems’.

For the Centraal Fluxus Festival in 2003 – a collaboration of Willem de Ridder and Galerie A – she created a Fax Event, which was performed by Emmett Williams, Alison Knowles and Larry Miller.