Hans Eijkelboom

artist name
Hans Eijkelboom (Arnhem 1949) is a conceptual artist who uses photography as his medium. His early works often featured himself. For one project, he first let a collaborator get in contact with acquaintances who knew him well from the past. He then had them questioned on how they remembered Hans Eijkelboom and how they thought he would look now. Afterwards Eijkelboom dressed himself according to their descriptions. The resulting photographs are bundled in a book: “Identities” (1977).
In his later work, Eijkelboom positioned himself on the streets for a certain time while photographing series of people who are similarly dressed. For example men wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. Or women in transparent raincoats or a specific type of bag. Many works by Eijkelboom have appeared in photobooks, often published by himself.