THIS WAY BROUWN – photographs by Igno Cuypers

THIS WAY BROUWN – photographs by Igno Cuypers, 1964
Archive box (dark blue library buckram; ring mechanism)
With 34 album pages, containing 25 original photographs, 21 x 15 cm
Each with the photographer’s copyright sticker on the reverse,
a text by Harry Ruhé, and This Way Brouwn documentation printed on translucent paper.
Edition in 10 numbered copies, signed by the photographer
Amsterdam, 2020

This Way Brouwn, 1964. Photo Igno Cuypers.

About This Way Brouwn
During the first half of the nineteen sixties, photographer Igno Cuypers lived for a while right behind Willem de Ridder’s gallery in Amstel 47, Amsterdam. Here he ran into several ‘avant garde’ artists like Stanley Brouwn. Brouwn asked him sometime in 1964 to document several street performances. He was on the road with the artist in Amsterdam for two or three days. Brouwn paid him 50 guilders (€22,69).
Cuypers stated that Brouwn intended to make a work with “a movement from A to B” but the first day the artist did not really know how such an action should be documented. At a certain moment Brouwn asked a passer-by to draw a map with directions. Then, as stated by Cuypers, “things really got going”.
For this publication Cuypers selected 25 photographs (2 of those see above); many of them were never shown before.

Price: € 950,-