Simon Vinkenoog

On the 24th of September, 1976 I received a visit from the Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog. He needed money and wanted to sell some Fluxus and Happening documents from his archive. In the meantime, I had contacted the Groninger Museum and they were interested.
There were some curious items to be found in Vinkenoog’s archive. Among others, I remember a card by the French happening artist Jean-Jacques Lebel with a hole in the middle. He had added the handwritten comment that it was possible to put your penis through it. I didn’t follow his suggestion, because after all it was a work of art. Also, I had given my word to museum director Frans Haks that the collection was in ‘mint condition’.

The archive also contained a letter written in 1964 by Stanley Brouwn with a description of This Way Brouwn in Berlin.
I spent a very pleasant afternoon with Vinkenoog. Apart from his archive, he had brought rather a lot of hallucinogenic stuff, like ROACH (Columbian) and – never seen before – cigarillos shaped like a pipe.
The next day I received a ‘first missive to Harry Ruhé’: five pages with propositions by Vinkenoog about exhibitions regarding his experiences in ’tripflipcity Amsterdam’.
For one reason or another, these just never took place.


Simon Vinkenoog with his daughter Anna and Gregory Corso during the vernissage of the exhibition ‘Visual Works by Poets’, Galerie A, Amsterdam, October 7, 1979.