Pieter Laurens Mol

artist name
Pieter Laurens Mol (1946)
During his early career Pieter Laurens Mol produced several photographic works featuring himself. An example is ‘Scultura Italiana’ which was translated into a performance on the Piazza S. Marco in Venice. The performance was filmed and the resulting tapes formed the base for several other photographic works.
In his later works Mol often incorporated materials such as lead, red lead, and sulphur. Sometimes he would combine photography with objects.
Much of his work was published in editions. A catalogue raisonné of these editions appeared in 2002. Mol produced a multiple for the special edition of this book: Clean Slate.
Pieter Laurens Mol exhibited his works in galleries and museums in the Netherlands and abroad. In 1996 the Museum of Modern art in New York organised an exhibition of his works.