Early June 1977, I received a letter from the American artist Dorothy Iannone. She informed me that Ulises Carrión from ‘Other Books and So’ was working on an overview of her editions, posters and postcards. She also told me that she would be bringing pictures of her work for me from her home in Berlin: maybe it was possible to organise an exhibition of her paintings in my gallery?
Ten days later, a beautiful short skirted lady was waiting for me in the bookstore on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. Ulises handed me the keys to his apartment (Ten Katestraat 53), so that she and I could have a quiet talk about a show in Galerie A.
Immediately after arriving in the apartment, Dorothy closed the curtains and switched on some romantic music. Quite soon our meeting became very pleasurable indeed. Unfortunately, due to my strict Roman Catholic upbringing and my girlfriend waiting for me at home, I had to inform Dorothy that very much to my regret the level of cosiness had to remain limited.
Straight away, our conversation became much more business-like. She informed me that the terms for an exhibition came with the obligation to buy several of her works. Of course, I could understand her point of view, but a presentation in Galerie A was out of the question.