Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919 - 2021)
Poet/painter Lawrence Ferlinghetti was co-founder of the City Lights Pocket Book Shop in San Francisco (1953) and the thriving force behind the writers of the Beat Generation. His City Lights Press published works by Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Corso, and many other 'Beats'.
In 1998 he visited Verona after having been invited by publisher Francesco Conz. An exhibition of his work followed three years later: Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Multimedia Artist. Opere Scelte.
In 2008, Ferlinghetti and Conz presented ‘Underwear’. This was a special edition of old fashioned gowns, which were worn by girls and woman. Ferlinghetti included texts like: I DRIVE MEN WIILD or CONCEIVE OF LOVE BEYOND SEX and Conz put every carefully ironed nightgown with a signed and numbered certificate in a cardboard box.