Hommage to BEN PATTERSON (1934-2016)

pat-ben-patterson-multiplesnlOn June 25 2016 our friend Ben Patterson passed away.
Patterson can be considered as one of the ‘founders’ of Fluxus. His
compositions were performed during concerts all over the world.
Patterson participated in the first Fluxus festival in Wiesbaden in
September 1962.

In 2003 he took part in the Centraal Fluxus Festival in Utrecht, organized
by Willem de Ridder and Harry Ruhé.
In December 2012 Patterson was the guest of the CultClub, where his Lick
Piece was performed during a Fluxus Dinner; the photo of a naked lady
covered with cream was published over two pages in De Volkskrant.

Patterson’s Paper Piece (1960) as it was performed in Berlin in 2011. It was presented under the title: Bury Ben Patterson.


Hommage to Ben Patterson:

On Saturday July 16, Jeannette Dekeukeleire and Harry Ruhe will bring an
hommage to this important artist with a one-day-exhibition (with FluxShop), a film, and events.


13.00 – 18.00.
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