Daniel Buren


Peinture acrylique sur tissu , a work by Daniel Buren, measures 158.5 x 142 cm. The blue vertical stripes have a width of 8.7 cm each, while the two stripes on the left and right are covered with white acrylic paint. This painting dates back to 1973 and I bought it in October 1994 at Finarte, an auction house based in Milan. I paid 11.500.000 Italian Lire (about € 6000) for the work, including commission.
A Peinture by Buren includes a so-called ‘avertissement’, a certificate describing the work and containing information about how the work should be installed (for example: hung or put against the wall). The document also includes the name and address of the owner. In case the work is sold, this certificate should be returned to the artist. He then makes a new ‘avertissement’, with the name and address of the new owner. This is not just a mere formality: fortunately, it involves quite a lot of correspondence.