Charlotte Moorman

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Charlotte Moorman (November 18, 1933–November 8, 1991) was an American cellist and performance artist.

About: Charlotte Moorman (1933-1991)

Most of Moorman’s editions were produced by the Italian publisher and collector Francesco Conz.

In 1974 Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman performed ‘Chamber Music’ of the Japanese composer Takehisa Kosugi. In a vineyard close to the house of Conz a naked Moorman and her cello were hidden under a large piece of blue cloth. Now and then the cellist put a leg through an opening in the cloth, a breast or her bottom.

During her visit to Verona in the summer of 1983, as a guest of Francesco Conz, Charlotte Moorman was accompanied by a small group of people to a quiet vine-yard in Valpolicella, where she created a performance of Giuseppe Chiari’s ”Per Arco”. Seated in her customary long, green concert gown, she played her cello and wept as she listened to recordings of machine-gun fire, mortars, tanks, rifles and exploding bombs, such as might be heard on the sound track of a film about the Vietnam war. At the end of the performance she strayed away on a long walk through a nearby field of maize, still in concert dress and carrying her cello with her.