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  • Hugo Kaagman

    Hugo Kaagman (Haarlem, 1955) was an active member of the Amsterdam squatting and punk movement during the 70s. With his girlfriend Diana Ozon and graffiti artist Dr. Rat he founded the fanzine…
  • Mike Kelley

    Michael “Mike” Kelley (October 27, 1954 – January 31, 2012) was an American artist.
  • Erik Kessels

    Erik Kessels (1966) Designer Erik Kessels is co-founder and ceo of communications agency KesselsKramer. He is also a photography collector who curates exhibitions and publishes photobooks. This includes the well-known ‘in almost…

  • Edward Kienholz

    Edward Kienholz (October 23, 1927 – June 10, 1994) was an American installation artist and sculptor
  • Martin Kippenberger

    Martin Kippenberger (25 February 1953 in Dortmund – 7 March 1997 in Vienna) was a German artist.
  • Jürgen Klauke

    Jürgen Klauke (Kliding, 6 september 1943) is a German artist.
  • Milan Knízák

    Milan Knížák (Pilsen, Czech Republic, 1940) is an underrated artist. A lot has been written about him over the years and his work received exposure in many leading galleries and museums. He…
  • Imi Knoebel

    Imi Knoebel (born as: Klaus Wolf Knoebel; 1940) is a German artist. Knoebel is known for his minimalist, abstract painting and sculpture.
  • Alison Knowles

    Alison Knowles ( New York, 1933) did paintings and silk-screen work of all kinds and around 1961 started writing short performance pieces. When George Maciunas organised the first European Fluxus Festival (Wiesbaden,…
  • Jannis Kounellis

    Jannis Kounellis (March 23, 1936, Piraeus, Greece) is a contemporary artist based in Rome.