Annie Sprinkle | Eternally grateful

Annie Sprinkle, Eternally grateful
handcoloured print, 28 x 21.6 cm, 50 signed copies
contribution to the special edition of ‘The Adventures of Willem de Ridder’, 2017
Box with contributions by:

Eric Andersen, ‘For Willem’, print, signed and numbered
Philip Corner, ‘Ugly Ball for Willem’, object
Pieter Engels, text
Ken Friedman, ‘Willem de Ridder. A double portrait’, print, monogrammed
Geoffrey Hendricks, Wiesbaden, 2012, photograph
Jon Hendricks, text
Frank Herrebout, ‘The Lost Art of Willem de Ridder’, DVD
Hugo Kaagman, ‘Het Draadloze Individu’, Koecrant, VPRO, audio work
Bengt af Klintberg, text
Alison Knowles, text
Bob Lens, print
Ben Patterson, CultClub, December 1, 2012, photograph
Peter Pontiac, ‘Portrait of Willem’, print
Willem de Ridder, ‘Wie is die Worst’, selfportrait, late ’60s
Willem de Ridder, ‘Paper Constellation’, signed
Wim T. Schippers, Romance Magazine, June 1964, article
Mieko Shiomi, ‘Replying Music for Walkman Piece’, score
Annie Sprinkle, handcoloured print, signed
Ben Vautier, screenprint with audio object
the book by Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire

€ 275,-