Alison Knowles

artist name
Alison Knowles ( New York, 1933) did paintings and silk-screen work of all kinds and around 1961 started writing short performance pieces. When George Maciunas organised the first European Fluxus Festival (Wiesbaden, 1962), Knowles, together with Dick Higgins, whom she married in 1960, also left for Europe to participate in the activities.
On October 5th 1962 she performed Nam June Paik’s ‘Serenade for Alison’ at the Kunsthandel Monet in Amsterdam.
Back in the U.S.A. she participated in many Fluxus and related manifestations.
Just as in the works of many Fluxus artists much of Knowles art is based on found, chance chosen or gift materials:
‘The objects that I investigate in my work are found in the street or are familiar and come from daily use. The more real and ordinary they are, the more interesting they become to me.’