ADDI KÖPCKE | ephemera

ADDI KÖPCKE, ephemera:

– Galerie Köpcke, invitation, with a handwritten message by Köpcke to the Dutch painter and author Jan Cremer, Amsterdam, signed, 1959

– fill: with own imagination, rubber stamped tekst, 1964

– Addi Köpcke & Eric Andersen, info sheet, 1966

– Original KOPCKE-Treatment print, ealy 1960s. (these prints were used by Köpcke to cut out and to glue on his art works. Archiv: Simon Vinkenoog, Amsterdam

-Piece No.1, copy (early 1970s) from the Archiv Hanns, 1979

– begreifen erleben, gesammelte schriften, 320 pg., 1994

-Was ist das. Piece No.2, a publication by Köpcke + CD in a cardboard cover, 500 numbered copies, edition Galerie René Block, 1996

– 3 invitations (2004/2009/1979)

€ 175,-