Artists books

Art books are about artists while artists’ books are books by artists. The latter can be considered as autonomous artworks.
Some artists like Lawrence Weiner and James Lee Byars designed the catalogues for their own expositions, and these can be considered artists’ books as well. Magazines produced by artists also fall in this category.

The order of the images is at random.
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Sol LeWitt | Irish
Gilbert & George | The Ten Commandments for Gilbert & George
Peter Schuyff | Sketchbook
Hans Koetsier | Advertisements
Phil Bloom | Phil Bloom. Deel 1, 2, 3 (Part 1, 2, 3)
Gerhard Richter | 128 Fotos von einem Bild 1978
Damien Hirst | Mythos / Re-object
Gerhard Richter | War Cut
Wim Gijzen | De zin van het tekenen
Thomas Demand | Scheinprobleme in der Philosophie
Willem Sandberg | Nu 2
Martin Parr | The Phone Book
Mieko Shiomi | A Flux Atlas
A.R. Penck | Analyses
Peter Hutchinson | Journal
Joseph Beuys | Sekretärtasche
Jonas Mekas | There is no Ithaca
Giuseppe Chiari | Il Giuoco dei 10 Nomi
Rommert Boonstra | Fotowerken
Gary Kuehn | To have and to be
Jón Sigurpálsson | Quadrant
PROVO | Provo magazine nr. 12
Fluxus | V TRE | Fluxus newspaper no. 10
Thomas Struth | Yoshemite, 1977-2002
Joanneke Meester | Psychological Studies
Tinkebell. | Tinkebell. Nude calender 2013 To Save The Girls
Tinkebell. | For Your Pleasure
Thomas Van Der Linden | 110 tekeningen
Laurence Aëgerter | A meeting on paper
Kars Persoon | Département der Egels
Laurence Aëgerter | Tristes Tropiques
Ray Johnson | The Paper Snake
Hermann Nitsch | Under my Skin
Paul McCarthy | Blockhead
Vito Acconci | Behavior Fields-Transaction Arenas-Training Grounds-Maneuver Positions
Martin Parr | Boring Postcards
Laurie Anderson | Night Life
Gilbert & George | Art Titles 1969-2010 in alphabetical order/in chronological order
Gerhard Richter | Comic Strip (1962)
Damien Hirst | I want to spend the rest of my life...
Thomas Struth | Löwenzahnzimmer
PROVO|Provo magazine nr.10
PROVO | God, Nederland & Oranje
Wim T. Schippers | Taal en Teken
Gilbert & George | The Words of Gilbert & George
Gerhard Richter | Motifs
Bernard Heidsieck | Vaduz
Waldo Bien | Tierra del Fuego
Uwe Poth | Knopf hoch
Hugo Kaagman | Stencil King
Jack Pierson | Stardust
Lawrence Weiner | Skimming the water (ménage à quatre)
Fluxus | Fluxus Newspaper Nr. 11
Bern Porter | Where
Joanneke Meester | Need you
Paul McCarthy, Jason Rhoades | Shit Plug
Gilbert & George | Side by Side
Larry Clark | Larry Clark - Artists Book
Phil Bloom | Phil Bloom, Deel III (Part III)
Laurence Aëgerter | Cathédrales
Daan van Golden | Apperception
Daniel Spoerri | Kosta Theos: Dogma I am God
Willem Sandberg | Nu
On Kawara | Unanswered questions
Stanley Brouwn | tatvan
Eric Fischl | Artist's Bookplates
Ingeborg Lüscher | Il Sole in Abisso
Viktor IV | The Time Is Always Now
Kees de Goede | An Anthology of events
Art & Project Bulletins 1 – 156, september 1968 – november 1989
Daniel Spoerri | Zehn bis zwölf Hirnrezepte
PROVO | Provo magazine nr. 8
Gilberto Zorio | Untitled
Ottmar Hörl | Untitled
George Brecht | Notebooks I, II, III
Andrej Roiter | Kaleidoscope
Joseph Beuys | Beuys yn Fryslân
George Brecht | The Green, The Red, The Yellow, The Black and The White
Bernd & Hilla Becher | Getreidesilos